industrial knife sharpening

Here at KSW industrial knife sharpening is somethign we take seriously! Our dedication to working with the best industrial knife sharpening equipment results in blades that are peerless in their edge. It's simply a fact - industrial knife sharpening is our passion, and we leave nothing for granted. Allow KSW to fufill all your industrial knife sharpening needs.

• Printing & Paper Trimmer Knives:

KSW Corporation proudly provides high quality industrial knives and industrial knife sharpening for the printing and paper converting industries. Fast turn around time and precision grinding makes KSW Corporation the leader in industrial knife sharpening. Using only the finest and newest technology gives KSW an outstanding reputation you can trust. Working with leading industrial knife manufacturers allows KSW to offer very competitive pricing on all new knives. Working for you, we will not be under sold! For A free quote or further questions on our services Contact us.

• Circular Metal Cutting Blades:

Mid-western metal working and fabricating companies have been coming to KSW for our superior service and economic price on metal cutting blades. Knowing KSW industrial knife sharpening service will give their metal cutting blades the long life they expect. Allowing higher productivity and granting less down time. Working with all metal cutting blades opens the door for favorable prices. Contact us today to receive more information or a free quote on your metal cutting blades.

• Shear Blades:

Directing the way KSW Corporation shows companies the value of correctly sharpened shear blades. KSW Corporation can perform industrial knife sharpening on blades up to 177.6 inches. A 5-6 hour turnaround time with appointment ensures that we can keep your shear running smoothly. KSW operates closely with many industrial knife manufacturers permitting favorable prices. Contact us for your free quote

• Granulating / Plastic knives:

Plastic recycling businesses understand the quality of sharp knives. That is why many businesses rely on our industrial knife sharpening program. KSW provides excellent turn around time and will sharpen knives to your exact specifications. Knowing the different edge options these knives have we can provide what you are looking for. Long standing relationships with industrial knife manufacturers gives KSW the edge for the lowest price. Contact us today.

• Slitter’s, Score, & Perforating Knives:

PThere are many combinations involved with slitters, score, and perforating knives. Outside diameter, inside diameter, radius edge, bevels, hubs, and many more factors to consider when looking for the right tool to complete the job. KSW Corporation to the rescue, our experience leads the way. We can find and often times stock what you are looking for. KSW also sells knife holders and knife holding parts in both American and European styles. KSW Corporation offers industrial knife sharpening packages for slitters as well. Check with us to find what you are looking for.

• Paper Drills, Wire, Cutting sticks and other supplies:

KSW is your one stop shop for bindery and printing supplies. From paper drills to a full line of Aerosol products you can be sure KSW Corporation can supply you. Cutting sticks are available in all materials based on preference. We also carry the highest quality wire available working with the nations largest wire manufacturer. So whatever supplies you are looking for be sure to contact KSW Corporation.

• Meat / Food Processing Blades:
Beef, Pork, Poultry, fish, Other

KSW stocks only the highest quality stainless steel to produce precision meat cutting blades and food processing blades for every operation. We carry a full line of standard meat cutting blades for the pork, beef, and poultry industry.

With our many years of dedication to the meat and food industry, we specialize in edge restorations and sharpening of all types of meat cutting blades and food processing blades, and can fine-tune an edge to your custom specifications. If it cuts, we would like to have a look at your requirements!

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